Learn More About MDK International

MDK International was founded as an export company back in 2005 and gradually transitioned into a specialty retail/export car dealership for enthusiasts and knowledgeable people looking to take advantage of depreciation associated with specialty/luxury cars. After dealing cars for a few years we came up with a process that works great for our clients. We operate VERY differently than most other dealers: 


We are by appointment (every car gets prepped before you come in - no time wasted) 
We have no sale people (no-one is going to be pressuring you into buying a car) - we only show and educate when necessary. 
Our prices are firm (yes, very firm!) - we do our research to make sure everything is priced as aggressively as we can afford, considering condition, mileage, options, and rarity of the vehicle. Pricing are constantly adjusted according to market demand. 
We are very upfront with anything we know about our car. If there is a panel replaced and paint work done we know about, we will tell you. Everything we know we disclosed. 
Third party inspections are welcome and encouraged.
Our business model works best for clients who know what they are looking for. 
Most of our cars are hard to find / enthusiast vehicles / well optioned / low mileage cars. 

What are the benefits of buying cars from us:

Simplicity of the process and lack of pressure and NO TIME WASTED.
VERY aggressive pricing. You always get a good deal buying from us. Please do your research beforehand.
You have an option of inspecting a car before you buy it. We can even deliver to any mechanic / body shop within 5-mile radius! 
VERY aggressive financing options.
Warranties are sold at cost. 

What kind of clients we looking for:

Knowledgeable people who know what they are looking for. (if you don't know what you want, we are not the place for you) - also, please know what you are getting into. If you are planning to drive a Range Rover know about the costs associated.
Client that understand the nature of a used car business. Our cars have been used! With that said, some of our cars are in nearly perfect condition, some of them show some "wear and tear" normally associated with pre-owned vehicles. We do our best to address all  the imperfections before we have them listed! 


Michael Kozin
GM, MDK International